Last update: Wed Jun 10 23:57:31 2015

Preface -- (Tue Jun 12 02:43:59 2001)

In general, I allow my admins some creativity with the punishments they choose. If I didn't feel comfortable with them, I wouldn't have given them administrative rights. If they do something I don't particularly agree with, I let them know.

Basically, you'll find that these rules just guide you towards being cool. We're all gonna be a bunch of Fonzies.. and what was Fonzie? Cool? Correct-a-mundo.

 - Zippo

Cooperation with your team -- (Tue Jun 12 02:44:36 2001)

My biggest complaint about public servers is that half of the players don't give a rats ass about their team's objective. Fortunately, my servers aren't quite like that. I think I have a better-than-average group of players, and team objectives are more of a priority than on the typical public server.

To help this along, be a part of it. Help your team reach its objective. If you don't, you might suffer. If you don't want to play a team game, don't play Counter-Strike (at least not here).

My camping rules belong in this section because so many of you misunderstand what exactly camping is. Most people think that sitting in one spot, no matter where it is or what you're armed with, is camping. I don't think so. You will get slapped once or twice for real camping. If you persist, you'll probably get slain. If you persist after this, punishments get more severe. If you don't like this, go play somewhere else. There are lots of servers out there.

Here are some examples of not camping that will not get you in trouble:

- As a T on a hostage map, dragging hostage(s) to some remote location and guarding it/them forever.

- As a CT on cs_militia, guarding the sewer exit point so your team does not get flanked. This is part of a strategy. T's shouldn't be abandoning their hostages to rush the other team anyway. If all your CT teammates die, however, you should probably move your ass since you're the only one left to rescue those hostages!

- As a CT on a bomb map, guarding the bombsite or a dropped bomb forever.

- As a defending team on either hostage or bomb maps, guarding any entrance to your team's area. This includes sniping from the cliff in the backyard on cs_militia. There's nothing wrong with that until the rest of your team dies, and nobody's left guarding the hostages. Same goes for AWP Alley [tm] in the sewers on cs_militia.

Here are some examples of camping that will get you in trouble:

- As a T on de_dust, if more than one or two people sit near the underground tunnel (a.k.a. bridge) outlet on the T side with sniper rifles (or any other weapon, really), that is camping. GO PLANT THE FUCKIN BOMB ALREADY! If you can't get the bomb planted, fuckin die already!

- As a CT on a hostage map, staying at (or near) your respawn is fuckin stupid. THERE ARE NO HOSTAGES THERE! If you're trying to stop flanking or something like that, there are much better chokepoints than your spawn area.

- As a T on any bomb map, staying at (or near) your respawn is fuckin stupid. THERE ARE NO BOMBSITES THERE! If you're trying to stop flanking or something like that, there are much better chokepoints than your spawn area.

One other thing that I think belongs here:

- As a CT on a bomb map, if the bomb has been planted, you should definitely go try to defuse it. If you're the only CT left, and there are like eight T's left, however, it's probably not a good idea. You'll be more valuable to your team next round because you'll have a better weapon than the rest of them (probably). Still, if none of those T's are guarding the bomb (dumbasses), you should try to defuse it.

If I haven't made this section clear enough for you, please head on over to the forum and ask questions. Better to be clear on it than to play like a dumbass.

Logos / Sprays -- (Sat Nov 13 16:25:51 2004)

No pornographic or otherwise "offensive" sprays. Kids play online, too. Those kids have mommies who like to blame stuff on other people, so they may try to get me in trouble. Fuck that. Punishable by warning (if you're lucky), kicking, and banning.

Offensive language -- (Tue Jun 12 02:43:36 2001)

No racial slurs or other talk that I don't like. You can cuss, and you can cuss a lot. I really don't like the word 'faggot' and some of its misspellings, and I definitely don't like to see people calling other people 'nigger' and the like. Kickable and bannable offenses, based on frequency and severity of use.

Harassing and/or annoying other players -- (Wed Jun 10 23:55:50 2015)

Don't harass other players. Don't purposefully annoy them. Don't annoy them by accident, either. This typically pertains to in-game chat, but can also be actual gameplay (knifing your snipers and shit like that). Also, don't use the admin_vote_whatever commands a whole lot. They're there to do good things, like kicking AFK players. Don't abuse them, or they'll go away (and so will you!). Addendum: They went away.

Spamming websites (cheat sites, pr0n, your homepage, whatever..) is very annoying. Spamming with grenades is also very annoying. Buy one. If you throw it early enough, sure, buy another, but for chrissakes don't be stupid about it.

Annoying chatty keybindings also fall into the 'annoying' category. Binds that say stuff when you buy weapons and throw grenades suck. Binds that *only* tell your team what weapon you bought aren't so bad. For example, Deacon's buy-binds look something like this:

(Counter-Terrorist) Deacon[.MaB.]: .::( Colt M4A1 )::.

These are somewhat annoying, but acceptable. Crappy binds are something like this:

(Counter-Terrorist) Douchebag: Hey guys I'ma buy me a Colt M4A1 so I can pwn u all!@#$!@


Don't be a damn douchebag. Punishable by gaging, death, kicking, and banning.

Voice communication -- (Thu Jul 11 15:55:58 2002)

Don't be a dickhead on voice chat. Don't play music on it. Punishable via kicks and bans.

Impersonating a server admin -- (Wed Jun 13 00:47:53 2001)

This really fits into the 'harassment' section, but I think it's worthy of its own section. If you impersonate a real server admin, and you're not one, you can get your ass into some hot water. Threatening players with kicking, banning, or whatever else you can think of, is not acceptable. Punishments vary from gagging to banning.

Weapon restrictions -- (Tue Jun 12 02:43:45 2001)

If pistols-only (or some other weapon restriction) is voted in or enabled by an admin and you continue to violate it (because it only effects what you can *buy*), you will probably be fucked with somehow. Beware.

Roger Wilco -- (Thu Jun 27 14:23:17 2002)

Don't be a dipshit. You want me to force teammate chasecam again? This applies to all things similar to RW (including ghosting).

Being a dumbass -- (Wed Jun 10 23:57:05 2015)

Stupid stuff that's not covered in other sections is still pointless and still not cool. Some examples: flashbanging your team at the spawn point, smoking your team, shooting or knifing your teammates when they have some kind of decent position (why do it at all?). Killing your team is also idiotic. Killing hostages on purpose is idiotic; I don't care if it does get your team a victory. Being a complete idiot is punishable by whatever the admins feel like throwing at you.

Stupid game exploits -- (Wed Jun 10 23:57:31 2015)

I know there are bugs in some maps, and there are bugs in Admin Mod, and there are bugs in the Half-Life engine, and there are other bugs in the Counter-Strike mod. Lots and lots of people know about them, and only dumbasses exploit them. Being a dumbass is punishable by whatever the admins feel like throwing at you, depending on the impact that the exploit has on the game as well as the exploiter's history.

You could get yourself banned for exploiting bugs.