I got banned. What do I do?

Step 1. Acquire your WONID. You can do this by searching for your player name on the stats pages. You can also find this by connecting to another CS server and typing status in your console. Next to your name, there will be two numbers: a UID and a WONID. I need the WONID.

Step 2. Send email using this link. Include your WONID in the body of the email along with a truthful explanation as to why you were probably banned. If you don't include your WONID, or you try to bullshit me, I'll likely ignore you. I have lots of logs and am very resourceful when it comes to finding out whether or not you are bullshitting me. I keep myself familiar with most of the cheats that players are using. I no longer have the time or patience to deal with ignorance.

I do give most players (even those who I know cheated) a second chance. People make mistakes, and I understand that. However, I do not give third chances.

I want to help out by being an admin on the BfB servers!

Previously, I would take admin 'applications' via email, but I no longer have time to process them all. Admins are now only chosen and given privileges via invitation.

If you are interested in being an admin, you should simply be friendly while playing on the servers and follow the rules. Be cool, be mature, and be patient. Talk to other admins and other players nicely. You won't get noticed if you are always quiet, so be sociable when you're dead (chatting when you're alive is annoying). Also, keep in mind that we don't add admins every day. Sometimes we go months without adding one, so don't keep your expectations high.

Again, I stress that I do not want emails from people asking to be admins. They'll do nothing but annoy me. This doesn't apply to all you guys who have emailed me in the past, though, since that was my previous means for adding admins.

So-and-so cheats! I have 823 demos and 5838 screenshots!

Don't email me demos. If you send me screenshots, don't send a lot of them, and make sure they're in JPEG format, not BMP and not TGA or something else.

Feel free to email me names and WONIDs of players if you are absolutely positive that they cheat. We'll pay special attention to them, check our various resources, and make a decision.

You should have an IRC channel for BfB!

There is one!

It's #bfb on GamesSurge.

For you IRC n00bs, you probably want to go here to get an IRC client, mIRC.